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The Gladiator Cornhole NFT Plan

Suddenly it all clicked on 4/13/21, All this time shooting the shit on late night calls with Kev about Crypto, DeFI, Gaming and Sports NFT’s created this crazy idea. As the owner of Gladiator Cornhole Gear® I’m involved with and surrounded by professional cornhole history in the making. It only made sense to produce cornhole NFT’s and help introduce the American Cornhole League to Sports collectors around the world! Honestly, I didn’t realize it until we were older that Kev had a passion for sports card collecting. For that reason it only made sense to have him on the team, especially since he’s following the up and coming digital sports card industry. We both knew it would work, unfortunately the industry was too new with too many hurdles and unknowns to overcome at that time. On 5/27/22 I accidently located the solution, unfortunately “Buddy” I had to make the decision to put it in motion without you. Thank you for listening and taking all those late night calls. You'll always be an original founder, just not how we originally planned!

RIP Kev 10/2/21